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They were part of it:

Team Spain

They were part of it:

Team Spain. Team Spain.

Adriana, Mario & an old car.

There were lots of applications from Spain to be part of Adriana's team in the big smart electric drive Carsino event. Mario was the successful applicant – and sent his old car on its final journey. You can see how Adriana and Mario played here.

Team Deutschland Team Spain.

Loyal companions.

Who competed in the smart electric drive Carsino? Introducing: Mario and his old car.

Old love does not rust.

Adriana and Mario spend a final day with Mario's old car.

The time for scrapping is approaching.

It's time to say goodbye. Take a look at the last pictures of Mario and his old car together. See how the metal is pressed and tears flow. Be sure to have some tissues at hand!