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One does not play with old cars? We do!

Four teams out of four countries roll the dice to win the perfect city car. The wager: their old cars which have been transformed into giant cubes. Who will be the lucky one to win the smart fortwo electric drive?

September 10th is the big day. Mark that day in your calendar and follow the action via a live stream.

Event Schedule. Event Schedule.


The teams have been chosen.

The time has come: our first candidates are certain. Find out here who will soon say goodbye to their old car.

Esther and Vera.

Esther, Vera and her old car. Will Team Germany win the smart fortwo electric drive?

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Adriana and Mario.

Adios, old car – says Mario in hopes of winning a smart fortwo electric drive. Team partner Adriana is keeping her fingers crossed.

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Team Netherlands.

One country, one team. And one chance: a new smart electric drive. Will Team Netherlands, led by Josje, win?

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Team Belgium.

Lucky or not? How will the dice fall for Team Belgium with Tatiana ahead?

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This is how it continues.

The point of no return has been reached on the way to the car crusher. Accompany our teams as they say goodbye to their old cars. One thing is certain: it will be exciting and highly emotional. Stay tuned – you can always find the latest videos on the team pages.


The big showdown.

September 10th is the big day. At the live event the old cars will be put to a final test. The participant to roll the highest score wins the smart fortwo electric drive. Join us live on the website or on Facebook when the dice are being rolled.

Power consumption (combined): 12.9 kWh/100km, CO2-emissions (combined): 0 g/km. [1]

[1] For further information on the official fuel consumption and official specific CO₂-emissions of new cars, please refer to the "Guide to the fuel consumption and CO₂-emissions of new cars", which is available free of charge at all points of sale and from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH at